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Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journal

Week 9

For this weeks rotation, I did a paper parachute. It was really hard what you will need is
Bottle top
Glue stick

I saw that when you let go it would fall onto the side that the wind is going. But when the wind is blowing not too hard and it is just a little breeze I think it will glide down. I wonder if there was no wind, would the parachute just fall to the side? My learning for gathering and interpreting data is multistructural because I am still learning how to do this.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science journal

Week 5 science journal:

This week’s science journal is about flight. A couple of weeks ago we split up into flight and catapult groups and I chose flight. I didn't know much about flight when I just started my learning was about unistructural, now it is multi-structural. I have learnt what the four forces do. 

I wonder if birds glide and fly (not at the same time) and what would the plane do if it didn't have drag? 

Reflection on my learning…..

My data gathering about flight is getting better and better. Because I am writing my ideas down and look back at them.

By Ruby.M

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Science journal

Week 4

For our second Science experiment we did a catapult, it is actually called a trebuchet or something like that. For our experiment we were testing how far it will go with a lot of weight. First we tried it with a tennis ball and then put 5 weights and then pulled the string and off it went, it went 8.2 meters.

Wainui camp

It was a cold day at Wainui camp and my activity group were doing archery. I only just got to wainui I felt proud because I hit a colour for my first time, I think I aimed really well. I wondered next time am I going to hit a colour? “Next!” Ollie yelled. Ollie is the archery guy who was running our group. I went up there I picked up my bow and attached my arrow to it and 3,2,1 I shot. I hit another colour “Yay!”

But proud wasn't the only feeling I had, I was also worried. So my worry fear all started when it was lights out, we were all talking and then awkward silence. Was I the only one awake? Then Ruby  popped her head out of her bed and said “That's good, I'm not the only one awake.”
Then Lila woke up. This is going all wrong I thought to myself. Lila got out of bed “What are you doing?” I whispered.
“Come,” Lila whispered back. I went outside and followed her for some reason we were going to the toilet.
“Oh no I just realised one cabin are having a party or something at 11.00.” I say to Lila.
“Oh yeah.” I look on my watch it is 12.58 I walk out of the toilets when I have finished and all of these boy come rushing out of their cabins “Well it looks like the party has started,” Lila says. We walk back and get into bed.

Later on

Oh no people are ding dong ditching I think to myself. Suddenly every body wakes up what was that they all say well every body apart from Matilda wakes up. “Matilda is a deep sleeper,” someone in my cabin said. I felt really worried but again worried wasn't my only feeling I had another feeling and that was…

Tired. Well I was tired because the first night it was like chat chat chat chat chat. I am trying to get to sleep. “It is too light turn the torch off,” someone in my cabin said. “It is to light.” So she turned the torch off.
“Please turn the torch back on it is pitch black and I don't like it.” I said. I started to cry and then I was awake most of the night and then I got like 4 or 5 hours sleep in pitch black darkness. It was like torture.

By Ruby McCombie

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Stuck on the super boal

Lila and I are going around and around on the…  wait, maybe I should start with the beginning. So it all started in Hanmer springs,  we were lining up to go on the super bowl. It was only my second time and my first time with Lila. So when it is our turn we climb up the big long steps. Lila is talking. We finally get up there and wait for the light to go green. I am shaking my heart out. When the light turns green, Lila pushes the raft into the slide and off we go. It went really fast and then it got slower and then faster, I see the sunlight as I turned the corner. I could see the blue and yellow super bowl. WOOSH!!!!! We’re spinning around the super bowl having heaps of fun we went round like 3 or 4 times and then this is what happens. We get towards the slide that leads us to the bottom.

“We are nearly there,” I say.
 We get to the slide and the we get stuck, sadly, I didn't know what to do. I was not focusing on getting stuck and getting our way down,  I was focused on the slide to get into the super bowl. I was thinking if someone might come down because the light went too early and then they could crash into us. Then I quickly said to Lila “PUSH!”
Lila starts to push, I just relax and try and be calm. Lila says “Push, Ruby this light could go green any second now.”
I say “Sorry.” A couple of minutes later I yelled over all of the crashing water “Lila you missed the hole!”

Lila pushes faster and faster then, so then we got out of our raft and pushed. We got back in and off we go down the slide backwards.
 “Wow that was a weird ride!” I shouted over the noise.  Lila agrees. We go to a warm, warm spa, sit down and relax.

My self assessment:

I was learning to do different types of punctuation, I think I used quite a lot and did that well.  I think I was multistructural because I still needed help with where to put the different types of punctuation but I think I did a bit better than before.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Science journal week 3

Week 3 rocket balloons with paper
Week 3: drag

Today we made rocket balloons, but we Sellotaped paper on because we wanted to we wanted to see what paper would do.  It worked really well so then we put the paper on different spots on the balloon. We found out when you put paper on the front of the balloon it doesn't always go well. We also tested it with the class and we did 5 trials and the balloon did not go that far. Well on some of them they went far but not that far only to the middle of the string. I think the balloon got heavier when the paper was on it. It also didn't work with a bigger and fatter balloon because when you blow it up it gets bigger and then you let the air out it does that. I did this experiment a lot of times to see what it would do differently. The force on the balloon is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Force is something that pushes or holds something for example force is holding us down on earth, space does not have force or maybe some force.  My data gathering is multistructural because I know how to do it but I do need a little bit of help.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Science journal

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Where have I placed myself for…..
Gathering data
Engaging in science

I think I was multistructural for all of those things, because we gathered data when we made slime for Mr Anderson and we had to make it the right thickness and thinness so it would come out of the bucket.  I think our slime was really good maybe even the best in the school. We put vanilla extract over the slime to make it smell nice but then it started to smell yucky again.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment

This week our class have been doing rocket balloons. We learnt the distance of how far the balloon can go. We also made some rocket balloons and measured their distance and height. We found out that fishing wire worked better. First you get the things you need such as straws, balloons, string, tw chairs, and then you make it.  I was buddies with lots of buddies. First I was with Ryan and Rosa and then Ruby.I and Neve,  and then Lila and Neve.